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  • Facility-wide Infection Control and Risk Management Consulting
  • Medical and Biological Equipment and Device Decontamination, Repair and Refurbishment
  • Development and Deployment of Proprietary Infection Control Tools and Technologies
  • Third Party Facility or Site Compliance Verification and Validation Programs
  •  Medical Equipment Installation and De-installation Mobile, Make Shift-Lab/ Clinic Construction  
  • EMS Training and Certification , Staff Development and Process Improvement Programs 

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Microbial Genomics Research Council Project

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The express purpose of our organization is to discover, develop, educate, train and promulgate novel approaches to infection control techniques and research.To introduce and advance methods and protocols to combat emerging microbial threats and common clinical infection related outbreaks.To provide at risk communities with powerful diagnostic resources and disease screening tools.




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Microbial  Genomics  GENOMICSResearch Council
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Novel Approaches to Infection Control Techniques, 
In vitro Diagnostics and Antibiotic Resistance Research


To fight emerging microbial threats and clinically significant infection related outbreaks

The focus of this 501(3) (c) organization is to advance infection control technology, positively impact epidemic outcomes, promote and develop new approaches to the problem of antibiotic resistance and collaborate with GMO and non GMO organizations to provide solutions to affordable access to high quality diagnostics for infectious disease.

Additionally,we educate and train professionals from many disciplines in new techniques and cutting edge methodologies relating to more effectively working with microorganisms of clinical significance.We also provide corporately sponsored community based educational seminars and literature on emerging microbial threats.

1.)     To make quality diagnostic educational tools and test kits for infectious disease more affordable and readily available to poverty impacted regions of the US and developing nations around the world.

2.)     To create a powerful global awareness platform and produce programs to educate and inform professionals in Medicine, Healthcare, Public Policy, Law and Science regarding the latest evolving dynamics of microbial ( bacteriological & viral ) threats facing communities, hospitals and related facilities in different states, countries and nations.To convey best practices and to advocate for patient safety.To build and distribute a digitized diagnostics, open source microbial ID data base and library of clinically significant microbes and their genomic susceptibilities.

3.)    To recognize and collaborate with disaster response teams from various organizations around the globe in the fight against microbial or biologic threats.
4.)    To support collegiate STEM level educational and study abroad programs and training by offering intensive internship and externship programs for future professionals in the area of microbiology,medicine, biochemistry and immunology.