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We are a coalition of highly concerned and uniquely qualified doctors, nurses, scientists, biomedical engineers, community organizers and volunteers committed to providing experienced leadership in the arena of Infection Control and Patient Safety. Additionally, we are breaking new ground and exploring new directions in finding novel solutions to the"Great Antibiotic Dilemma"of the twenty-first century. Some of our coalition are experienced microbiologists, epidemiologists, data-mining scientists, disaster management specialists and triage trained first responders. Hands on clinical activity and education ,  HAI response programs, along with behind the scenes R&D, our goal is to improve the delivery and safety of quality healthcare as well as address the burgeoning antibiotic dilemma of our modern age.


We raise dollars today, to help prevent mass tragedies tomorrow.We provide, high quality important diagnostic tests and medical related assistance to at risk communities, help healthcare facilities fight the alarming rise in internal HAI outbreaks, educate the public ,train allied health professionals and spread the gospel of prepardness and prevention.

We enjoin you, help us make a difference today abroad and at home.

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An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. Routine, aggressive surveillance and early diagnostic disease screening of at risk populations allows for successful preemptive strikes against emerging disease patterns and vectors throughout a community and around the globe.This translates into early treatment, mobilized combinatorial intervention and ultimately better healthcare outcomes. Whether combating a nationwide epidemic or a healthcare facility-wide outbreak of microbial disease, the construct for success is always the same : surveil vigilantly, detect rapidly, treat immediately and strike the threat source decisively. Providing the tools (diagnostic test kits and make-shift mobile clinics) and training (community education) overseas for an impacted or at risk population not only saves countless lives of those we do not know but, protects lives here in the Homeland (USA) via vigilant, engaged early intervention. After all, we are more than ever before (with few exceptions) a virtual borderless society due to high technology and the steady march of human progress. Basically, within hours or a few days, thanks to planes,trains and automobiles, one Nation's epidemic can become another Nation's pandemic. This is the "Global Village Effect" thanks in part to the erosion of natural barriers and new behaviors which characterize our Modern World. We must approach the future of Humankind with more comprehensive and inclusive strategies when it comes to emerging microbial threats, for in the final analysis the sobering reality is: we are all in this together.